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Grupo Lindley strengthens its activity in Malta


Grupo Lindley has completed another emblematic project in Malta, with the collaboration of their local partner Boat Maintenance Malta.

At the end of last year Almarin delivered twenty buoys to various ports in the country. Now Lindley, carried out the supply and installation of a floating pontoon for the berthing of Armed Forces of Malta Patrol boats, to the Maritime base at Haywharf, near Valletta, through a public procurement issued by Transport Malta (the local public authority which regulates Malta's maritime activities).

The floating pontoon with dimensions of 30m x 5m and freeboard of 1m, which was positioned perpendicularly to the existing jetty, allows the berthing of a vessel on each side to improve and extend the naval base conditions.

The solution was custom designed, with a modular galvanized and painted metal structure with a GRP mesh deck supported by concrete floats. Complying with the tender specifications, the pontoon is prepared to withstand a live load of 15T or 500kg/m2 at any point and to receive a vehicle of up to 2,5T.

Additionally the pontoon is equipped with emergency pedestals and emergency ladders, as well as bollards and fenders to protect the equipment.

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