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About us

Headquarter Grupo Lindley

Lindley is a company specialized in the manufacture, installation and maintenance of floating solutions for marinas and ports. Lindley also manufacture buoys and beacons for use in aids to navigation. Located in Cascais, Lindley is part of Grupo Lindley, which it's formed by three privately owned companies established in 1930.

Grupo Lindley, with its experience in engineering, manufacturing, supply and installation of port infrastructure and equipment, is a leading player in the countries where it is present. Based in Europe (Lisbon and Barcelona), its geographic presence has been not only in Europe but also the African and Latin American markets.



The Grupo Lindley consists of the following commercial companies:


  • Lindley: Floating solutions for marinas and harbours
  • Almarin: Aids to navigation
  • Almovi: Lifting systems and cargo handling
  • Salt Technologies: Analysis and design of Marine Structures

Ahlers Lindley and Almarin share engineering and manufacturing expertise with extensive experience in floating equipment and port infrastructure designed to face most challenges of the marine environment. Almovi supplies and services port handling equipment employing a team of expert technicians specialised in diesel/electrical/

hydraulic cargo handling equipment.


Lindley covers the following activities:

  • Marinas and Harbours: Lindley offers a wide range of floating solutions for marinas and harbours. For each project we have appropriate structures and materials, ranging from floating breakwaters to concrete pontoons, as well as landing bridges and accessories and services for marinas. 

  • Aids to Navigation: In this area, Lindley develops its own buoys and beacons, besides being the distributor of the leading manufacturers of LED maritime lights, both self-contained or dc powered.

  • Port equipment: Lindley offers a wide range of port equipment. The range includes pollution control equipment that help fight pollution in harbours, fixed and gantry cranes as well as mooring buoys. 

  • Oceanography: Lindley collaborates with one of the most experienced global manufacturers of meteorological and oceanographic data buoys and environmental monitoring systems.